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Hi my name is Daniel Grant, I am a professional wakeboarder and wakeskater, living in Bangkok, Thailand.    This site is to showcase my sponsors and riding achievements.  Without my sponsors, none of what I have achieved would be possible!    

I have uploaded videos from the past season and the previous years, which I hope you can enjoy.

By clicking this LINK you will get a wrap up of by 2014 season, which was another great season for me, finishing the WWA Wakepark Worlds as Champion for the 2014 season.

2014 saw the launch of a complete TAO range of products by Liquid Force/Obscura.   By going to the Liquid Force Website you will find by Pro Model Wakeboard, Wakeskate and bindings.    All products are named TAO, which in Thai means, Turtle.  My nickname when I first started riding, and was at the cable every day.

2014 was an awesome year, with again a lot of traveling and a lot of events.   For 2015, I want to focus a bit more on wake skating which was not possible in 2014, and also have committed to 2 filming projects.  More info about these projects will be announced during 2015.

I thank you for your support and interest in what I am doing.   I ride for for and progression of the sport, I hope you can have as much fun on the water as me!