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Hi my name is Daniel Grant, I am a professional wakeboarder and wakeskater, living in Bangkok, Thailand.    This site is to showcase my sponsors, who so far have made it possible for me to life the life, the way I do.    Within the site, there are also details of my past results/achievements, a selection of videos, and details of my upcoming events for 2014.

You can also click HERE to view my professional achievements.

Last year was the second generation TAO Wakeskate.   This year I have the launch of my signature limited edition wakeboard and planning is for a TAO hybrid wakeboard, towards the end of this year.   TAO is a Thai word, and the meaning is Turtle, (my nickname in Thailand).

29th March 2014, saw the release of THE DEBUT, which is a wakeboard movie, that was filmed during last year, directed by Andy Kolb. This release is available on BLUERAY, or as an ITUNES download.

As more an more exciting things happen, you will see things start to appear in the merchandise section.  Other things are planned, which I will announce, when all is official :)

I thank you for your support and interest in what I am doing.   I ride for for and progession of the sport, I hope you can have as much fun on the water as me!    I ended 2013 as the WWA Features World Champion and am very excited about what 2014 will bring.      Below is a summary of the sections of the site for easy guidance.

ABOUT - My riding history and podium records for wakeskate and wakeboard, as well as my current WWA world ranking.

MEDIA - A video archive, including all recent videos from events on my tour, as well as my calender events.

SPONSORS - My sponsors page, please go into the links and see more details about them and their products.

MERCHANDISE - Products available for purchase such as my pro model wakeskate and any commerical movies that I feature in.   

PRESS - All my news, including my full schedule for the year and "mini" reports and links of past and, as well as some info on upcoming events.

CONTACT - Contact me via site, you can also hook up with me via Facebook, Twitter or Istagram.


Daniel Grant


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