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TAO Full Track Listing.....


1) Thai Trap - Bear Karry

2) This could be love - Borgeous (Bear Karry Remix )

3) I get what I want -  Bear Karry

4) Sun Models (Instrumental) - Odesza

5) The lady in red -  Chris Deburah

6) Gold Room - Bear Karry

7) WOO - Bear Karry

8) Animal Style - Jackal

9) We were Young - DVBBS

The Story behind the edit

2014 was another good season, I won Wake Awards “Best Wake Park Rider”, a bunch of events and ended the season taking the overall at the WWA Wakepark World Series. I Still felt like something was missing.


In 2014,  I couldn't do "The Wakeskate Tour" which clashed with the WWA world series.   I have done a lot of travelling in the past 3-4 years, when

I say "a lot" i mean like a million miles, and feeling like i live on a plane.    By last season, I was pretty much over all the travel, all the competitions, I was determined that this year, i would do something different. 


One of my main sponsors, Rip Curl were supportive of an  idea for me to make a video edit.  I already shared the idea with  B.T last season,  he was definitely the person I wanted to work with, If i was doing my own edit.  B.T is a person who supported me as a candy filled kid back in the day.  He was the one in Orlando who helped me to live the dream, making those first steps and hooking me up with a place to stay.


The idea was to do “The Wakeskates Tour” and combine it with an edit of the tour, plus  some "invite" events , along with events my sponsors needed my support.


Things did not happen like that.    "The Wakeskate Tour" was cancelled and then two other film projects came at the same time.   I was filming for

LF N''Awesome and X-Games "Real Wake", along with a film project for Rip Curl.  betweem april and june, I had  3 - 4  video projects all at the

same time, that was a huge challenge for me personally.    It is definitely a lot more work than past seasons, where I had been mostly just competing in events, and doing some filming in between.


In every edit, People want to see something different.   to come up with different concepts for each project, was a big personal challenge and is definitely my toughest season so far.


TAO is my own edit, filmed on my own terms with someone who has always there for me.  B.T  has always been  telling me what I should and should not do.

 He understands how i think and  how to motivate me on the water.  


TAO captures my 2015 season,  with the release date on my 18th birthday, (23rd December 2015).   


I hope you enjoy it.


Daniel Grant 

The Beats - Bear Karry

Putting together an edit and finding the right beats, is always a challenge.   Bear is a room mate with B.T and when we used his beats for the teaser we definately thought it was a good idea to ask Bear to help out.  Here is his profile, please check out his tunes at soundcloud.


Bear Karry was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. Where he had a rich childhood filled with music and sports. Bear started playing drums, piano and guitar when he was 8 years old. Along with his love for music he began surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding before he found his true passion with kite surfing.


Bear has been kite surfing professionally since 2009 when he signed with Airush, his largest sponsor. Shortly after, he landed his fist cover on Kiteworld Magazine's issue #42. Bear has since moved up becoming an international team rider for Airush being featured in many advertisements and videos as their star kite surfing athlete. Bear can be found pushing the boundaries of the sport to this day.


To add to his talents over the past few years he has expanded his music knowledge by attending and graduating from Dub Spot University in NYC in 2012. Bear completed the Ableton Live music production course as well as the Audio Engineering course. Becoming Ableton live certified he now studies Sound technology at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Producing original tracks for cinematic films Bear is also performing his works live at locations such as The Other Bar and Basement.


Bear plans to refine the tools he learned in school to become a top artist in the music industry.Combined these two completely different talents in music and sports form an interesting force.