The LF'N Awesome project started early 2014, with a lot of time pressure.  The first part, I spent 4 days in Australia, then the weekend in Jakarta for an event in Jakarta with RIP CURL, then was supposed to fly back to Sydney, so basically travelling 48 hours by plane in a week, filming and competing.  I never made it back to Australia due to the weather.  

Canada was a 4 day trip in between Plastic Playgrounds and Harbour Reach in the UK. I had already comitted to these events and LF needed me for that section.  Philippines  had it's usual disasters the moment we arrived, so we had to leave  within days of getting there.  That pretty much sucked, but more for the riders who flew all the way from U.S.  

The rest worked ok.  Thai Wakepark really helped out to make things happen.   We covered some great moments on this project, with their support.   We also used Henshaws place for the opener and That all workerd out good too.

The end result is an amazing edit .   Liquid Force  are truly Awesome and I love their vision to showcase the riders as a team, not only the technical aspects of riding, but also the fun, you can have too.   

A DVD is available at any Liquid Force distributor  and will be availlable to purchase on itunes, early 2016.