Tige - Mywake Global Challenge (Video of the year) - BY COLLIN HARRINGTON

"Tige" MyWake  global challenge - Video of the year 


X-Games "Real Wake" was an amazing experience and the level of riding and different concepts were crazy, making it a real tough event to podium.  Both me and Collin were happy with our final edit, and it was pretty tough to come up with something new.    


After real wake was wrapped up, Collin had a good amount of footage left, that didn't fit into the TAO project.      


I entered  "cable trick of the year" with  something that i had given to wake awards (2014), but somehow they never used  it.  I didn't want to  use it for this season, it didn't feel right it was last years board and belonged to 2014.  So my dad suggested we give it to Tige, and I was stoked to win.


My dad then suggested why not use the X-games footage for Tige video of the year.   The footage was not going to be use fof TAO or any other project.   It didnt belong there.  He and I talked with Collin and agreed to use it for  Tige - video of the year.    If we hadn't done that the clips would probably never be used, and it allowed us to show more of the x-games filming, as we were restricted to 90 seconds.     


Amazingly we took first place, which I am pumped on.    Especally for Collin,   he worked so hard on making X-Games work.  It wasn't easy, i was  in the middle of so many other things at that time and for sure I was difficult to work with,  it was exactly my pressure moment of the season.