Wakeboarding returned to the X Games for the first time since 2005. The project was titled "Real Wake" and was sponsored by Mastercraft and Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.  I was so stoked to be one of the 8 riders invited for this and had pretty much one month with Collin Harrington, to put together  a 90 second edit. 

The timing was pretty bad for me, I was in the middle of filming my TAO project, filming for the LF N Awesome project.  A couple of weeks earlier I had been filming in Bali.    Trying to find something that was not already in an edit was a big challenge. We tried a bunch of winch spots in the U.S, but for one reason or another it wasn't going where we wanted it.   Collin was down with  food poisoning and the weather sucked big time.  

I wanted that to have the edit with as many tricks we can fit into 90 seconds and try and connect to other x-games sports.


There were shots that fitted into X-Games but some clips I had no jacked or helmet.  in hindsight, maybe we should could just put in those clips.  We worried if we didn't follow the industry guideline, the clips would be rejected.

In the end we decided to to go back to Thai Wake Park and cover what was missing at my home cable (which was most if it).   Given the time we had, I am stoked how everything came out.   The hard part was doing something that I had not already done, what was not planned with BT for my TAO project, and to make sure that I had something unique for LF N Awesome.

I was really stoked with how it came out and  the edit put together by Collin.

The full program can be viewed on E.S.P.N's website by following this link.