Skateway is a group of riders, based Bangkok - Thailand.   We love to find winch spots around Thailand, and we also find places to winch around Thai Wakepark.    We have a passion for just finding places to ride and having fun, it’s pretty much like an extended family of Thai Wakepark and other cables around Thailand.     I got involved in the wake scene through my photographic work, and for several years now, Rip Curl have asked me to do photos and filming, of their events.


“We all Ride” is my own personal edit, that I want to show that anyone can enjoy wakeskating. Anyone is welcome to join us explore the winch spots.    Spots can be in remote parts of Thailand, sometimes, they are just down the road, when we have floods in the rain season and then a road, or canal can just transform to a riding spot to try out.


Last year, we helped our Daniel and B.T for the “TAO” edit and spending a few days, riding, filming and just chilling and having fun, is always an amazing experience.   That kind of riding experience always inspires our team to ride and keep looking for better places.


So this edit, is just so show everyone, our scene and our passion.   Any rider coming to Thailand is welcome to join, I hope you like our edit and share the stoke for us.


Noom Atichatpong (AKA Skateway)