Daniel Grant - The Turtle (A.K.A - TAO)

I first remember seeing Daniel way back in 2010.   My Sponsor hooked me up with CWC to fly over and help them to juddge an event.  I knew when seeing "Turtle" ride that he had a future in the sport.   I put together an edit for the little dude and by the summer, he was on my door step in Orland rriding together me and Grubb.  For the next years this was his base, when he wasn't killing it in events.


4 + years down the road, Daniel is pretty much all grown up.   I have always been that big brother for him, always looking out for him and was stoked to be able to work with him this season and put together an edit, from start to finish, how Daniel Grant wants it.    We have combined wakebaording and wakeskating, rode at his backyard "Thai Wakepark", a bunch of spots around the U.S, and we covered the U.K in between two of his comps.   We also got a bunch of winching clips with the help of so many riders that were at those spots around U.S, Europe and Thailand.  


The edit is basically how you will see Daniel riding at any cable park or winch spot.  We had to try and put together something that was not in his other projects.  The edit is basically what you see, when you see him riding at any cable park or spot.


Hope you all enjoy watching the edit, as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Brandon Thomas