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"What Pulls You?" is part of our Feel The Pull campaign, showcasing the stories of passionate individuals in the wakeboarding world. 


In this episode, we delve into the life of wakeboarding's biggest hype man, Daniel Grant! Take a peak behind the curtain and see what makes DG tick, capturing moments from his sessions at Thai Wake Park, winch wakeskate adventures and a glimpse into his board collection and home life. 


Join us as we explore what drives Daniel, what fuels his passion for wakeboarding, and what makes him Feel The Pull.


Through "What Pulls You?", we aim to uncover the motivations and inspirations behind not only our athletes like Daniel Grant, but also our entire wakeboarding community, from staff and distributors to cable kids and coaches. Join us as we celebrate the shared love for the water and the stoke it brings to us all #feelthepull



Daniel Grant presents Nick Volokhov a new Liquid Force "TAO" A new shape design in the TAO Wakeboard giving the board new flex with a strengthened core. Thanks to the new Hotbox Technology! During the mornings Dan and Nick would go out and spend the time on the water together riding at Thai Wake Park Lam Lukka. If you'd like to see more collaborations like this in the future, drop a comment and let us know, Cheers! 


A massive thanks to Liquid Force, Thai Wake Park.

Produced by - VladoniVideo 

Music - ODESZA - Behind the Sun 

Location - Thai Wake Park Lam Lukka

Riders - Daniel Grant, Nick Volokhov

Product Used - Liquid Force TAO 155cm - Liquid Force TAO Bindings

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