My name is Daniel Grant, I am a professional Wakeboarder and Wakeskatesliving in Bangkok, Thailand.  I have been riding singe the age of 8 and turned professional at the age of 13.


My website is to give information what I am up to, as well as some highlights from my career so far.


I was born in Newcastle, UK but moved to Thailand at the age of 5. When living in England I was already skateboarding but got into wake boarding after being introduced to the scene, by other skateboarders I was hanging around with at the time.

Riding for me is not just about competitions, it's as much (if not more) about progressing the sport, bringing your own style to your riding.  

Over the past few years,  I have focussed my season on a combination of events, helping establish upcoming wakeparks / markets and showing those experiences with video edits.

I feel very lucky that I am supported by my sponsors, for what I basically love doing.  A huge thank you to each and every sponsor that supports me.

2018 ended with injury from my filming part in X Games - REAL WAKE. That injury took almost 3 months of my riding but I'm already fully recovered and looking forward to see what 2019 brings.

This year, I will try to have my season winch heavy and am looking for unique places to ride.  I will be flying with a PullBox winch for most of the season, so expect to find some really interesting spots.

Thank you for visiting the website, I hope it gives you inspiration to ride and hope you like the video edits of the past and present.